Mary Magdalene Priestess Training

The Gnostic Path of Divine Union

Ahava and Blessings!

I welcome you to the Mary Magdalene Priestess Training. Ana Otero created the Mary Magdalene Mystery School® in 2014 in Spain and since this year she has trained and initiated priestesses from all over the World. Her trainings are in two modalities:

1.Live Trainings with an online Portal

2. Online Trainings

Both trainings include a Live Retreat in Glastonbury.

The English Online training begins in March 2020.

The following is the outline of the Training:

Sacred Feminine - Divine Feminine

Mary Magdalene Mystery School®. The School of Mysteries of Mary Magdalene. Past, present, Future. Technology of Mary Magdalene´s SacredTeachings.

Mary Magdalene and her Vibration through her Incarnations.

Venus Lineage – Black Madonna Lineage.

Spiritual Teachings of Women given to us by Mary Magdalene through my channelings.

The Way of the 6 Wombs. Female Spirituality through the Teachings of Mary Magdalene. Awakening of our 6 wombs.

Virgin Womb. Immaculate Conception. Aquarian sovereignty.

Womb Awakening - Activation of the Womb, Rites of passage, Womb Therapy.

Female Medicine and the Activation of the Triple Rose and the Triple Golden Flame

Rites of Passage of Mary Magdalene.

Initiation to the Gates of the Grail of the Womb.

Vibration of Feminine Infinity and the Ma Frequency.

Red Tent Facilitator Training

Feminine Archetypes.

Solar Woman - Lunar Woman - Stellar Woman.


Priestessing in the Golden Age.

Aquarian Priestess.

The Pillars of Priestessing given to us by Mary Magdalene.

Temple of Feminine Arts.

Myrraphore Tradition. Profound study of Sacred Essential Oils. Activating the spirit of the Essential Oils for healing.

Study of herbs.

Study of Crystals and Stones.

Creating Ceremony and Ritual.

Thresh Holding

Sacred Geometry

Learning how to Create Ceremony and Ritual.

The Practice

Invocations. The Divine Feminine Presence through the Word.

Sacred Writing

Channeling through Writing, Sacred Sound, Drumming, Dance and All forms of Art.

Art and Creativity as a Spiritual Practise.

Temple of Feminine Arts. The Temple of the Female Mystic Arts. Dance, painting, singing, Sacred Sound, Toning,Alchemical Movement, Astral Travel, Ancestral Female Practices, Female Shamanism, Mystical Beauty and Harmony, rituals, ceremonies, story telling, magic, body prayers, channeling, essential oils, study of stones and its properties, oracle, Numerology, The Drum as spiritual practice, psico - drama).

Movement Meditations Channeled directly from Mary Magdalene.

Practices of Sacred Dance, Kundalini Dance, Womb Yoga, Dance Movement Therapy.

Womb Yoga Facilitator Training is included in the Priestessing Training.

Practices of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Yoga for the awakening of the Kundalini Energy.

Sacred Masculine – Sacred Feminine. Divine Masculine – Divine Feminine

Hieros Gamos - Sacred Marriage. Sacred Union. Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and their Divine Union.

Sacred Partners throughout History and Mythology.

Sacred Relationships. Relationship as a Devotional Practise.

Healing the Inner Masculine and the Inner Feminine.

Chi practices to amplify magnetism.

The science of attraction.

Relational trust and balance for mutual expansion.

Sacred Sexuality as a path of Healing and unification.

Intuitive Awakening and Intelligence. Active Mysticism

The Spiral of the Mystical Rose. Science and Art in the Mystical Wheel of Mary Magdalene. Knowledge of the Holy Days and Energies of the Wheel of the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether to synchronize our energies, life, healing and practices with Mary Magdalene and the Light Beings and Angels that are part of her Lineage. The Female Priestesshood of Mary Magdalene, like all priestesshoods, is a lineage, and respecting her lineage we will be connecting with different light beings from the Spiral of the Rosa Mística.We also work with specific archetypes and their manifestations.All the High Holy Days of the Earth: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, are celebrated in their mystical aspects honouring the Teachings of Mary Magdalene. We work very closely with Mother Mary, Yeshua, Sarah Tamar, Mother Anna, Myriam (sister of Moses), and of course, Mary Magdalene.

Magdalene Moon Gatherings. In the Mary Magdalene Priestess Training, The Way of the Rose Program is included. In this platform we follow the Cycles of the Moon, the 8 phases, the ceremonies and teachings given to us by Mary Magdalene.

The 12 Doors of Initiation - The 12 Astrological Gates. The study of Astrology.

The Tree of Life and the Lunar Wheel.

The Sacred Elements as Doors of Initiation. How to manifest through the Elements.

How to manifest through the Cosmic Energies of the Planets, Stars and Asteroides.

Mythology and Sacred Scriptures. Working with Goddess Energy from Different Maps.

Gates of Venus

Initiation through the Cosmic Dance of the Venus Rose. In depth study of the Venus Gates.

Healing and Activations

Initiation through healing. (Conception, Gestation and Childbirth Healing, Ancestral Lineage, Feminine, Masculine, Mother, Father, Collective Karma, Sexual Karma).

Womb healing. (The 7 energy phases to heal the womb based on thands on healing, sacred sounds, activation codes and energy.)

Female Energy Body.(The manifestation of the chakras in the female body and the energy and hormonal health of women.)

The Chakras as Gates of Initiations.

Spiritual Teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in the Code of Sacred Humanity.

The Sacred Sacraments of Mary Magdalene.

The practice of Self Love.

Abundance Codes Channeled directly from Mary Magdalene.

Divine Feminine Leadership.

Initiation to the Nagas. The Kundalini Activators. The Awakening of the Sacred Serpent and the Cosmic Serpent. Myriam's Well. Kundalini awakening through Myriam and Moses.

Wombdala - How to create our new Matrix and the Collective Matrix.

The path of the heart according to Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Holy Spirit - Shekinah

The Descent of the Goddess to Earth and the New Humanity.

Light beings of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística: Mother Anna, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Sarah Tamar, Yeshua David, John the Baptist, and many more.

Facing the 7 demons.

The 3 Embraces of Divine Union.

Black Light Activation.

The Cosmic Womb.

Study of Gnosticism

The Dark Goddesses in the Judeo Christian tradition.

The Gnostic Goddess.

The Gnostic Texts (Mary Magdalene Philip, Pistis Sophia.)

The Golden Age

Spiritual Activism in the Golden Age.

Alternative Education.

New Paradigm Relationships.

How to create resources in the Golden Age.

Authentic Voice

Incarnating our Destiny here on Earth.

Archetypes, Shadow Work, Sacred Contracts

Study of Archetypes of the Tarot.

The Heroine´s Journey.

Guided Shadow work.

Honouring our Sacred Contracts

Books and Channelings by Ana Otero

This Course is For...

Women who want to heal and reconnect with their Sacred Feminine.

Women who want to empower themselves through their feminine without having to act through their shadow masculine.

For therapists and Facilitators who work with women.

For women who are attracted to or want to be a Priestess in the lineage of Mary Magdalene.

For women who want to awaken their Creative Power and live their Destiny (as opposed to fate).

For Women who hear the calling to be part of the Shift in Humanity and on Earth.

For women who want to reconnect with Art and Creativity as a Spiritual Practice.

For women who want to balance their masculine and feminine.

And for all the women who are starting to remember these teachings.


Ana Otero

This online Priestess Training starts on April 23 2020 (new moon in Taurus, connecting with the Venus energy) and finishes in May 2021 with a Live Retreat in Glastonbury. Registration for the Course is now open. Once the Course begins registration is open for 2 weeks, until the 6th of May, being the last day you can sign up for this training.

The Date for the Retreat in Glastonbury is in May 2021. Dates are given in the training.

We meet once a week for our Online Classes. We also meet for New and Full Moon Ceremonies and the High Holy Days Ceremonies. We have online Sacred Drumming Sessions once a month. The Body Work practices are all recorded in videos and if you cannot participate in real time all of the Workshops are recorded and uploaded in our Student Platform, as well as PDFs, Audios, etc. Your group will also have a BIG SISTER, a mentor, that will hold space for the group and help out when needed. We have an international community and since 2014 when we opened our School one of our goals was to make community feel like FAMILY.


This training includes and amazing Sisterhood Circle with Women from all over the World.

The Ceremonies and Rituals will always be in a Sacred Container.

Beautiful Online Course Portal that is easy to use.

Weekly and Monthly Meditations and Videos.

Every Friday (Optional) we meet for a live Sadhana - Practise where we do our 6 Womb Movement Meditations.

Facebook Group

And so much more!

My personal web page in English is under reconstruction, so if you would like to send me an email you may do so through this Online School Platform or by writing directly to [email protected]

Once you sign up for the Training after opting for the payment method that best suits you, please fill out the Registration form that you will find in your student platform. We have made 2 different payment options: One time payment and 12 monthly installments. Please note that if you wish to join us on our Retreat at the end of the training, the price of the retreat is not included in the one year training. All of the retreat information will be given once you join the course.

If you would like to join us on facebook, please click on the following links:

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Ana Otero

With love and gratitude, I hold you in my heart.

Ana Otero
CEO and Founder Mary Magdalene Mystery School®

Your Instructor

Ana Otero, PHD
Ana Otero, PHD

Ana Otero. CEO and Founder Mary Magdalene Mystery School® - Mary Magdalene Priestess Training - Sacred Feminine - Sacred Union - Movement Therapy - Yogic Scientist - Dancer - Writer - Lover of all Creative Expressions

Ana Otero is the Creator and Director of Mary Magdalene Mystery School®. Mary Magdalene Mystery School is a Temple of Art where we remember how to créate our world from the Sacred. We follow the the teachings of Mary Magdalene and her Sacred Lineage of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística. Mary Magdalene Mystery School Offers: Priestess of Mary Magdalene Trainings Level 1, 2 and 3. Sacred, Ritual and Therapeutic Dance. Sacred Drumming. Womb Therapies, Activations and Healings. Courses on Prosperity and Aquarian Leadership. Sacred Union for Men and Women. Mystical Arts (astrology, tarot, oracle, sacred essential oils, etc.). In all of the courses we follow and respect the teachings of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística, a method channeled by Ana Otero which helps us synchronize our energies and sacred experience here on Earth with the Cycles of Mother Nature, the Stars and the Planets. Ana Otero holds a PHD in Dance Movement Therapy and in all her trainings, Courses and Workshops there is powerful body work included. She has created a method to purify toxic programming, lineage wounds, karma, etc., through an advanced technology of Movement Meditations and Sacred Toning Channeled by Mary Magdalene. Join our Community and be a part of a great circle of Women and Men awakening in the Spiral of Love and the New Humanity. The Path of the Triple Golden Flame will awaken you to live from your Sacred Fire.


Course Curriculum

  Druid Medicine With Jennifer
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Awaken your Divine Feminine Template through the teachings of Mary Magdalene.

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