Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training Spiral 2

The Mystical Path of Divine Union

Ahava and Blessings

Welcome to Spiral 2 of the Mary Magdalene Priestess - Priest Training. This Spiral 2 is only for those who have been ordained as a Priestess - Priest of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene is the Holy Source from where the Christ drinks, She is the Force of Light that births enlightenment.

She is the Holy Woman who anoints, the one who illuminates, the one who redeems. She is the Feminine Christ of our paradisaical origin. Her Chrism (anointing oil), which is her elixir of love, is the light that awakens Humanity´s fallen Consciousness. She is the womb of the Christos, the Womb of the Divine, and when we reclaim her she leads us to the Primordial Wisdom of all times.

Spiral 2 is a deepening in wisdom and integration of the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Christ Mystery School. For those who feel this is your path and want to apply directly these teachings and understand that the Christ Lineage is the Lineage of the Immaculate Conception, which is an experience of constantly being birthed and rebirthed in the Light. Of course there will be an organic revision of the themes of what you have learned in the first year (as I know many of you have asked me this).

The Holy Bride

The lost feminine archetype and the culmination of the human journey toward enlightenment.

Mary Magdalene as the Bride in Exile

The Shekhinah as The Bride in Exile

Personal Power Gained through Exile

The Promise of Provision in Exile

Creation of your inner Shekhinah Temple

Mother of the Living

The Shekhinah Mysteries through Mary Magdalene

Immaculately Conceived and Conceiving through Immaculate Conception

Mystery Teachings of the Immaculate Conception

The Holy of Holies

The Black Madonna

Essene - Shekhinah Healing

Awakening the Serpent Power through Divine Grace of the Divine Mother

Healing the Tikkun, the Soul

The Messiah on the Tree of Life

Healing Prayer and Anointing. Specific Invocations for Healings

Hands of Light - Laying on the Hands for Healing

The Subtle Body and the Energy Intelligence Channels

Consecration of Healing Oil

The Radiant Holy Breath of Shekhinah

Healing for the birth of Mystical Sexuality

Myrraphore tradition in Essene Healing

Kabbalistic Training will be given - received to understand the Healing Energy of Shekhinah

Sephardic Gypsy Sarah Tamar Healing

These Healing traditions are specific incantations that have been kept in Secrecy, Mystery, and we will use these specific Incantations to learn how to heal. These incantations go back to King Solomon, a great Magician, Healer, and practitioner of the Chochma Traditions and Faithful to Asherah, the Hebrew Goddess.

There will be one Essene - Shekhinah - Sephardic gypsy Healing Workshop every month, which will give you sufficient time to integrate the Healing technique.

Cosmic Intelligence

In this second Spiral you will continue to experience the MAGDALENE ALAHA SHELA CEREMONIES aligned with the Moon. In this 2022 there will be more of an in depth teaching of Biblical Astrology and Aramaic Light Language. We will be following a Rosa Mystica Wheel. This wheel focuses on the Uniting of the Virgin and Christ, the King and the Queen, the Lover and the Beloved. In this wheel we will work with all of the Light Beings of the Spiral of the Rosa Mystica.

Venus Gates. The Venus Gates will be used as Portals as we are blessed with the Shekhinah. We will receive teachings from Mary Magdalene and the Light Beings Spiral of the Rosa Mystica. These Gatherings are Devotional and include certain Practices. You will learn how to guide - facilitate the Magdalene Rose Venus Gates. These gates are known as the Kiss of the Shekhinah.

Themes Explored in the Venus Gates

The Descent and Ascent of the Holy Spirit through our Tree of Life Template

Mary Magdalene and the 7 Demons

The 7 Churches Awakening by the Feminine Christ

The Temple of the Divine Mother - Father

Mary´s Womb, the new Arc of the Covenant

Mary Magdalene as the Embodiment of Eve

The Chakras as Portals of Initiation

Dragon Womb Awakening Guided by Sarah Tamar

Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

Pleiadian Light Language and Activations

Ritual Art

In the PDF I write which Light Beings from the Spiral of the Rosa Mystical we will be working with for each Venus Gate.

Embodiment through Frame Drumming, Chanting, Ahava Sacred Dance, Magdalene Womb Yoga, Dance Movement Therapy We will be using Holy Scripture to receive Mystical Guidance of the Venus Gates.

Mystical Sexuality - Divine Union - Sacred Relationships

The Cosmic Maryam Awakening

The Cosmic Maryam is the incarnation of the Divine Feminine Presence in Humanity and in Mother Earth. She represents a Creation Spirituality that unites Cosmic Mysticism with an Earth based Mysticism, awakening creativity, mystical sexuality, the rebirth of a Devotional based worship and the recovery of the Feminine aspect of the Divine in Communion with the Masculine aspect of the Divine.

Yeshua and the Holy Grail of Love

The Sacred Marriage and the Way of the Chalice Divine

Divine Masculine Template Awakening

Yeshua David and the Heart of Christ


The Marys of Lemuria

The Christ Lineage from Lemuria

Lemurian Light Language and Activations


- Magdalene Womb Yoga Training

- Ahava Sacred Dance Training. This 2022 I will be focusing on Gypsy Dancing as this is the Year of Mother Mary and actually of the Cosmic Maryam, Sarah Tamar will ground us in our bodies and connect us to the Earth.

- Kabbalistic Practices

- Light Language

- Frame Drumming

- Aramaic Chanting

- Sufi Practices

As the Magdalene Alaha Shela Ceremonies will only be for the Priestesses and Priests Training groups this 2022 (there will no longer be a membership available where one can enroll out of the Priestess - Priest Training), I will be facilitating monthly, sometimes bimonthly workshops open to those not in the training that will be included as part of your training. There will also be a course on St Teresa of Ávila that will be a part of your training.

I would like to leave part of this Curriculum open as I channel a lot of information that needs to be delivered to you, I think you have already noticed this about me... We will continue to use the gnostic gospels and holy scripture. I will continue to meet with the Priestesses, women, for Womb Work and Cosmic Femme Gatherings, as we did in the first year in Magdalene Womb Yoga. I would like to also meet only with the men at certain times.

In the platform I will include the herbs and oils we will use for the training.

As you are - will be - were ordained on March the 4th, we will start the second Spiral on the Full Moon in Virgo, on the 18th of March (what a powerful moment). If you have any questions, please write to me. It is so hard to write down Mystery Teachings, yet I hope I have delivered with clarity the teachings and transmissions I feel will help you dive even deeper into your Priestesshood - Priesthood to Mary Magdalene.


Ana Otero

Your Instructor

Ana Otero, Founder Ahava University
Ana Otero, Founder Ahava University

Ana Otero is a Mystic, Dancer, Author, Yogi, Artist, Teacher of the Desert Rose Transmissions, Mother and Lover to the Beloved. She holds a PHD in Dance Movement Therapy and strongly incorporates embodiment in all of her work. In 2011 after a dark night of the soul she had her first apparition of Mary Magdalene while she was in the desert of Oman. Following the teachings given to her by Mary Magdalene through her Channelings and Apparitions, Ana Otero created Mary Magdalene Mystery School in 2014, which later became in 2022 Ahava University. Ana Otero offers online and live trainings, workshops, retreats, and events.


Course Curriculum

  Welcome from Ana Otero
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  Magdalene Alaha Shela Ceremonies and Teachings
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  Aramaic Letters
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  Chat and Chai
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  Ahava Sacred Dance
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  Gatherings with Lovely Souls
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Awaken your Divine Feminine Template through the teachings of Mary Magdalene.

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