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Ahava and Blessings

Welcome to the Magdalene Womb of Light Online Workshop

Magdalene Light Frequencies is the name of my 3rd album and actually expresses a whole lineage of Light that is here, accesible, for us to embody. Creating this music has been such a powerful experience that opened me to receive so many channelings from Mary Magdalene. I had actually written a book the Cosmic Woman and after this experience it is now the Cosmic Mary, bringer of the Womb of Light (will be out in March 2022).

In this online Workshop we will be working with Magdalene energies to activate the Magdalene Womb of Light:

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is the Holy Source from where the Christ drinks, She is the Force of Light that births enlightenment.

She is the Holy Woman who anoints, the one who illuminates, the one who redeems. She is the Feminine Christ of our paradisiacal origin. Her Chrism (anointing oil), which is her elixir of love, is the light that awakens Humanity´s fallen Consciousness. She is the womb of the Christos, the Womb of the Divine, and when we reclaim her she leads us to the Primordial Wisdom of all times

The Cosmic Maryam Womb through Mary Magdalene.

The Cosmic Maryam is the incarnation of the Divine Feminine Presence in Humanity and in Mother Earth. She represents a Creation Spirituality that unites Cosmic Mysticism with and Earth based Mysticism, awakening creativity, mystical sexuality, the rebirth of a Devotional based worship and the recovery of the Feminine aspect of the Divine in Communion with the Masculine aspect of the Divine.

The Womb of the Healing Wells through the Prophetess Myriam.

Miriam’s Well (Be’erah shel Miriam) is the name of the spring that miraculously provided water and accompanied the Israelites throughout the 40 years they traveled in the wilderness. Miriam´s well is actually an energetic Dimension of Holy Spirit Healing that can be activated through the presence of Myriam and through different healing wells found on our Planet.

The Womb of Lemuria

The infinite Womb of Divine Love that Reconnects with and embodies what we have forgotten.

Sound is Light, Sound is Vibration, Sound is Creation, Sound is Manifestation.

The first part of this workshop is a talk about what all of this means and why we are being called to activate the Cosmic Womb of Light.

The second part of this workshop we will prepare our bodies with a Sufi Embodiment practice (an ancient one, practiced in the time of Maryam and Yeshua). This will raise our vibration and open the Body Vessel.

Then we will dive into the Vocal Odyssey of Light Language and Magdalene Womb Meditations. I will introduce specific Light Language Mantras to awaken within us the Cosmic Maryam Womb, The Healing Well of Maryam and the Womb of Lemuria. These Light Language Mantras include


Biblical Hebrew

Lemurian Channeled Mantras

Essence Invocations

This Online Workshop will be on the 27th of February from 15,30 - 18,30 CET. If you cannot be present the workshop is available for replay. Infinite access to workshop recording.

This workshop is for women and Men.

Mary Magdalene Channelings


Today I come to you with teachings on Light and Vibration. In our teachings we call this the Shem. All things vibrate themselves into existence so each being has its own unique Shem. The shem is the light that vibrates infinitely, and all the individual Shems are part of the whole vibration of the Universe.

As you search to embody the Presence of the Mother Father, of true unity, remember that you have great teachers, Holy People, that come to guide you. Their presence cannot be understood by the third dimensional Mind.

Practicing an attunement with the Shem of a Holy person is the fastest way to illumination. When I speak this word illumination, the meaning I give it is HOW MUCH YOU CAN LOVE AND BE LOVE. It is not about being better than others or about transcending humanity.

The willingness to be love heals separation and brings you into the unity that you are. This separation really does not exist, it is a sickness that comes from a belief created in the mind. The mind must be connected with the heart to understand the essence of all things and it is when the heart and the mind unite that you can go into an Intelligence that is Cosmic and all that is Cosmic is the SHEM, the Vibration of all that is.

Through the Shem of Yeshua, my beloved, I was able to receive his teachings and transmissions, even when he left this world. To attune oneself with the Shem of a Holy Person is to pray his-her name, as the name carries the light vibration of the holy person. I prayed Yeshua every day, Yah meaning the nameless which brings about the correct change, and Shua, meaning the one who restores the soul. Yeshua prayed my name, Maryam, that which contains the Divine Feminine Presence.

Everything is Vibration. All things are encoded in sound. Practicing attunement with the Shem can bring you directly into Sacred Unity. The practice of sound is the greatest doorway into the Presence of the Abwoon, the Mother-Father.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

In my time one Earth as Myriam, I worshipped the Divine through embodied devotion. Manifestation is knowing how to embody. If you desire to embody, you must explore your home, your inner temple and adorn your soul with the love of the Goddess. Feel the energy of Shekinah come through you as you stroke your soul. This is why I would Drum with the women in the dessert, so that we could remember the soul and allow the Divine Feminine Presence to manifest. Experience your body as a Temple that holds the infinite totality. Remember to become aware of your womb space as a portal of the Divine Mother. The Divine Breath must be breathed in this Creation Portal within you. This will help you channel Divine Power and Your Power. This is why you light the candles of the Shabbat to bring light into the world, to bring your Divine Light into the world and as a remembrance that the soul comes from the Great Womb of all Souls.

You know what you need to bring into this world. Allow your soul to help you remember and make sacred space for what is to come that is already here.

Prophetess Myriam

Channeled by Ana Otero


Ana Otero

Your Instructor

Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School
Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School

Ana Otero is a Doctor in Dance Movement Therapy, Mystic, Dancer, Author, Yogi, Artist, and a Teacher of the Magdala-Christ Lineage Transmissions. Her love for the Aramaic language is profound and woven into the fabric of her work and teachings.

In 2011, Mary Magdalene appeared in her life. This connection, fortified by apparitions and channeled messages, led her to commit her life to spiritual exploration and growth.

Guided by Mary Magdalene's teachings, Ana Otero founded The Desert Rose Mystery School. This institution was birthed from her desire to share the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and to inspire others to delve into the spiritual dimensions of existence.

As a testament to her dedication, Ana has developed unique physical practices, known as Alaha Shela Sacred Embodiment, DMT Ritual Movement® and Magdalene Womb Yoga. These practices embody her understanding of the deep connection between physical movement and spiritual consciousness, offering a holistic approach to spiritual growth, ecstatic prayer and personal wellbeing.

As an author, she has contributed to spiritual literature with four books: "The Path of the 6 Petals", "Conversations with Mary Magdalene", "Mary Magdalene and The Path of Alaha Shela", and "Mary Magdalene and The Desert Rose". Each of these books illuminates her deep understanding of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, providing valuable insights and expansion to seekers on their spiritual journey.

Her creative expressions also find a voice in music. She has published several albums, in which she sings prayers and mantras in Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sephardic languages. These languages, rich in spiritual history and significance, further enhance the mystical allure of her musical compositions.

Ana Otero loves teaching, offering various training programs, workshops, and retreats. These learning opportunities, available both in-person and online, cater to individuals with diverse learning preferences and provide opportunities to experience the various course, programs and trainings she facilitates.

Ana Otero´s holistic approach to embodied Mysticism, combined with her depth of knowledge in the fields of Wisdom Teachings, Ecstatic Prayer and Body technology, will take you to embody the Ancient Mystery Traditions and to connect with the Light of Creation that dwells within you.



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