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Aramaic Embodiment

Magdalene Temple of Sound Online Retreat

Awakening the Desert Rose through Aramaic Embodiment

Tap into the power of Aramaic and the Awakening of Light Codes through your Voice
When I visited the Temple of Hathor in Dendera while I was living in Egypt, I experienced one of the most powerful healings. I knew I had been there and as a child I had many repeated dreams of this temple. I knew that I had been led to Egypt for many reasons, but mostly to receive the transmissions and messages from this Temple.
In ancient Egypt, music, architecture and astronomy were combined in a concise, harmonious unified system, where heaven and earth were not isolated realms and science and religion were an integrated, mutually supportive system. The most powerful form of Prayer was SOUND - VIBRATION.
One of the purposes of this the Hathor Temple was to reach a frequency through sound that would be the same as our Origin of Light and a frequency of the Embodiment through sound of the 7 sisters, the 7 Hathors, the Pleyades.
The first apparitions I received from Mary Magdalene were so magical yet challenging. She spoke to me in a Language I didn't know, yet I understood everything. My life has totally changed through the practice of Sound and as the Magdalene Frequency evolves, expands and anchors herself in this Physical Realm, we too must evolve, expand and anchor these frequencies within us.
The Hathor Temple was built for Healing, traveling to Different Dimensions and to our place of Origin, and for understanding a unique Mission in this Incarnation.

The first time I studied Aramaic was at University, and when my sacred relationship began with Mary Magdalene and I started receiving the language, in 2016 I decided to formally go into a University degree and study in depth this Language. My deepest practice is understanding how the Aramaic Letters contained in the Aramaic Words awaken our Inner Chrism and our Dragon Energy.

In this Online Magdalene Sound Temple Retreat we will experience the Healing Sounds of the Magdalene Frequencies through:
- Specific Aramaic Mantras and Prayers. This Retreat is a great opportunity to go deep in the Aramaic Teachings. These teachings will focus on the Aramaic and how the letters contained within the words awaken our Chakra System, our inner Chrism, our Dragon Energy.
- Pleiadian Light Language
- Toning Activations from the Essenes

- Essene Invocation to prepare the Body for containing the Sound Light

- We will connect deeply with our bodies and breath as a foundational practice for chanting. We will start with a Magdalene Alaha Shela Body Practice.
- Through these Sound Frequencies you will awaken your true voice, the voice of your soul.
- Learn a powerful practice that will connect you to the earth, the heavens and the unity of all polarities.
- Receive the Light of Creation with your own sound.

- Ebook of Sounds, Mantras and Sacred Prayers.

- We will experience together a Sound Ritual Ceremony. If you have a Frame Drum or any type of Drum, please have this with you for the Sound Ritual Ceremony.

- Receive teachings from Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and Sarah Tamar.

Your Voice when activated is a sacred prayer.
This Online Retreat was experienced in May 22, 2022. It is available for you to experience at any time you wish to.
Watch the intro video to feel in your bodies what this experience is about.

Ana Otero

Image is from our Magdalene Glastonbury Retreat March 2022.

Your Instructor

Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School
Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School

Ana Otero is a Doctor in Dance Movement Therapy, Mystic, Dancer, Author, Yogi, Artist, and a Teacher of the Magdala-Christ Lineage Transmissions. Her love for the Aramaic language is profound and woven into the fabric of her work and teachings.

In 2011, Mary Magdalene appeared in her life. This connection, fortified by apparitions and channeled messages, led her to commit her life to spiritual exploration and growth.

Guided by Mary Magdalene's teachings, Ana Otero founded The Desert Rose Mystery School. This institution was birthed from her desire to share the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and to inspire others to delve into the spiritual dimensions of existence.

As a testament to her dedication, Ana has developed unique physical practices, known as Alaha Shela Sacred Embodiment, DMT Ritual Movement® and Magdalene Womb Yoga. These practices embody her understanding of the deep connection between physical movement and spiritual consciousness, offering a holistic approach to spiritual growth, ecstatic prayer and personal wellbeing.

As an author, she has contributed to spiritual literature with four books: "The Path of the 6 Petals", "Conversations with Mary Magdalene", "Mary Magdalene and The Path of Alaha Shela", and "Mary Magdalene and The Desert Rose". Each of these books illuminates her deep understanding of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, providing valuable insights and expansion to seekers on their spiritual journey.

Her creative expressions also find a voice in music. She has published several albums, in which she sings prayers and mantras in Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sephardic languages. These languages, rich in spiritual history and significance, further enhance the mystical allure of her musical compositions.

Ana Otero loves teaching, offering various training programs, workshops, and retreats. These learning opportunities, available both in-person and online, cater to individuals with diverse learning preferences and provide opportunities to experience the various course, programs and trainings she facilitates.

Ana Otero´s holistic approach to embodied Mysticism, combined with her depth of knowledge in the fields of Wisdom Teachings, Ecstatic Prayer and Body technology, will take you to embody the Ancient Mystery Traditions and to connect with the Light of Creation that dwells within you.


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