Bringing our Divine Mission to fruition is a fundamental aspect of our spiritual growth and personal development. This mission is the unique purpose that our soul seeks to fulfill during our lifetime. It serves as the guiding light, providing direction and meaning to our existence. Embracing our Divine Mission helps us to connect with our higher selves and with the Cosmic Intelligence in a profound and harmonious way. It's not just about achieving tangible goals, but also about realizing our full potential, embodying our authentic selves, and contributing positively to the world around us. By understanding and pursuing our Divine Mission, we align our actions with our deepest beliefs and values, manifesting a life of fulfillment, purpose, and spiritual growth.



Ana Otero

The Creating Soul

Divine Mission Expansion

Welcome to this powerful group coaching session dedicated to the Creation, Manifestation and Expression of your Divine Mission.

During this mentorship, we will be exploring the energetics that contribute to the creation, expansion, and manifestation of your spiritual intentions grounded and birthed in the physical realm.

Here is an outline of what our program will entail:

Session 1: Introduction and Alignment

We will start with a meditation and complete body practice to align our energies and intentions. This will be one of your practices throughout the group coaching. We will discuss the concept of Divine Mission and how it relates to our personal journeys. How do we know and access our Divine Mission. How can we attract the desired journey as opposed to forcing what the EGO wants now. Recognition and Celebration of our Divine Gifts. What parts of our natal chart can guide us in how to use these gifts. Calling in the Creation and Mission from the Ethers. Cosmic Intelligence Alignment.

We will call in the Round Table, the Light Beings that we will work with in this Mentorship.

Kheter Activation in the Tree of Life to access Divine Gifts.

Integration - Practice

Session 2: Energetics of Creation

In this session, we will learn how energy works in the process of creation, the tools and techniques we need to harness and direct our energy for manifesting the longings of our souls. We will work with the mystical realms of the Elements and our Channeled Kundalini. We will work with the Womb Space - Heart - and Voice.

Yesdo Activation in the Tree of Life.

Integration - Practice - Collective and Individual Practice

Session 3: Energetics of Expansion

We will learn about how to expand our energy fields to be able to hold - bring in our Divine Mission. We will explore techniques for maintaining and expanding our energetic resonance with our spiritual objectives, inspirations and visions. I will teach you how to access and use the arc line, our psychic abilities inherent in all of us. This is very important, as we start to allow our intuition to lead us. If you are currently on the Path of your Mission, this technology will bring you to complete expansion.

Tiferet and Malchut Activation in the Tree of Life.

Integration - Collective and Individual Practice

Session 4: Energetics of Manifestation

This session will focus on manifestation, where we will learn about the role of energy in manifesting our desires and intentions. We will align our energies with the Cosmic Intelligence to make our Divine Mission a reality. How can we live more in tune with the cycles, and read intuitively the messages we are blessed with infinitely.

Binah and Chochmah activation in the Tree of Life.

Integration and Group and Individual Practice.


Session 5: Energetics of Sustenance

We will learn about how to sustain the energy required for our Divine Mission. Practices on how to maintain your energy levels and how to replenish them when they deplete. Our Sacred Relationship with everything we birth.

Throughout the program, I will share the energetic tools and techniques that I have found beneficial in my own spiritual journey. These are my personal secrets! We will work with the Tree of Life and the Essene Elements of Creation.

Gevurah and Chesed Activation in the Tree of Life.

Integration and Individual and Collective Practice.

Session 6. The Voice as a Tool for Manifestation.

The Voice as the Expression of our Soul Contract.

Hod and Netzah activation in the Tree of Life.

Integration and Individual and Collective Practice.

Remember, this journey is about creating the reality your soul yearns for. This mentorship is also about expanding your Mission, bring forth your vision and sustaining your creations, allowing them to sustain you as well. Each one of you has a unique path, a path that is waiting to be reclaimed. It is time to REMEMBER.

What is included:

6 group coaching 2 hour sessions

1 Co-Working Session

1 1 hour Individual Session

Meditations and practices from different lineages that I include in my daily routine.



Personalized Channeled Message.

Intuitive energy reading to see ways in which expansion is needed and where energy blocks are present.

Remember that I work powerfully with energy in many ways, through movement, Aramaic, Light Language, Sound, Celestial Meditations and Drumming, prayer and ritual.

Looking forward to our collective growth and expansion!

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].


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