Lion´s Gate Desert Rose Alignment

Reception of Infinity Creation

Ahava and Blessings

Welcome to the Lion´s Gate Desert Rose Alignment: Reception of Infinity Creation

We entered the Lion´s Gate on the 26th of July, the Feast day of Mother Anna, and are in this powerful container until the 10-12th of August.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is the opening of the galactic gate that delivers high frequency energy into our beings, allowing us to rebirth our spirit energy and the spirit energy of Mother Earth. We can all receive a powerful upgrade in this portal. This high frequency energy can be used to open our Chamber of Light (chakras), bring us inspiration for new ideas, raise our consciousness and enhance our spiritual awareness. Lion’s gate portal is activated by the rising of the star Sirius, one of the brightest stars in the sky that is known as our Spiritual Sun.

While our solar sun is responsible for beaming down life to our physical bodies, Sirius is responsible for beaming down life to our energetic spiritual bodies. This is why the opening of the Lion’s gate portal can bring awakenings and lift our consciousness to new heights, yet it can also make us feel tired. We just came out of the 9 days of AV, the first 9 days of the Leo Lunar Cycle which in Biblical Astrology are the most delicate in the whole year as the Creation energies are the strongest, yet these energies can be used to create or destroy. The patterns we hold are accelerated and we are tested. On the 8th, the peek of this energy is at its strongest. The rising of Sirius which our ancestors celebrated as the rebirth of Spirit, happens to occur right in the heart of the Leo season, which is ruled by the Lion. On August 8, as the Sun enters its home in Leo and Sirius aligns with the Earth and Orion's Belt, they create an intense energy which alters our perspective on ourselves and the world, offering us an opportunity to manifest powerful positive changes.

The Sun is just 15* of Leo, half way through the zodiac. Reaching the half way mark in any zodiac is said to thin the veil between the realm of Spirit and 3D world. This is a time for great potential and to harness our spiritual wisdom. The number represents 8 infinity, empowerment, prosperity, divine union, life force, royalty and DNA activations.

This is the Portal that contains the strongest Light Creation Energy and we can bring it into our bodies for healing, energetic upgrades, DNA purification, abundance, empowerment and filling ourselves up with life force.

In this Lion´s Gate Desert Rose Alignment you will receive:

- A talk on the Lion´s Gate and the Desert Rose Teachings

- A Magdalene Alaha Shela Body Practice for DNA Purification, Prosperity Activation and Sirius Sun Activation

- Breath work for Life Force

- Light Language for tuning into to the subtle energies of Sirius

Everything is about alignment. Let us open our vessels and receive the Creation Infinity that we can access on this portal.

This Lion´s Gate Alignment Practice will be available as of 6,00 am CET. The best time to practice this is in the morning, before you do anything, so that your energy will be aligned to this Portal. If you cannot practice in the morning, make sure to do the practice throughout the day. You can also do the practice any time you feel the calling to do it after the Lion´s Gate as it will give us all the benefits that iIhave mentioned before. On a Lion´s Gate, the benefits increase.

Part of the funds received for this alignment will go towards the empowerment of children in India as our school sponsors children in India with their food, clothing and education.

Blessings to you on this Lion´s Gate.


Your Instructor

Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School
Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School

Ana Otero is a Doctor in Dance Movement Therapy, Mystic, Dancer, Author, Yogi, Artist, and a Teacher of the Magdala-Christ Lineage Transmissions. Her love for the Aramaic language is profound and woven into the fabric of her work and teachings.

In 2011, Mary Magdalene appeared in her life. This connection, fortified by apparitions and channeled messages, led her to commit her life to spiritual exploration and growth.

Guided by Mary Magdalene's teachings, Ana Otero founded The Desert Rose Mystery School. This institution was birthed from her desire to share the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and to inspire others to delve into the spiritual dimensions of existence.

As a testament to her dedication, Ana has developed unique physical practices, known as Alaha Shela Sacred Embodiment, DMT Ritual Movement® and Magdalene Womb Yoga. These practices embody her understanding of the deep connection between physical movement and spiritual consciousness, offering a holistic approach to spiritual growth, ecstatic prayer and personal wellbeing.

As an author, she has contributed to spiritual literature with four books: "The Path of the 6 Petals", "Conversations with Mary Magdalene", "Mary Magdalene and The Path of Alaha Shela", and "Mary Magdalene and The Desert Rose". Each of these books illuminates her deep understanding of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, providing valuable insights and expansion to seekers on their spiritual journey.

Her creative expressions also find a voice in music. She has published several albums, in which she sings prayers and mantras in Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sephardic languages. These languages, rich in spiritual history and significance, further enhance the mystical allure of her musical compositions.

Ana Otero loves teaching, offering various training programs, workshops, and retreats. These learning opportunities, available both in-person and online, cater to individuals with diverse learning preferences and provide opportunities to experience the various course, programs and trainings she facilitates.

Ana Otero´s holistic approach to embodied Mysticism, combined with her depth of knowledge in the fields of Wisdom Teachings, Ecstatic Prayer and Body technology, will take you to embody the Ancient Mystery Traditions and to connect with the Light of Creation that dwells within you.



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