Ahava Mystical Dance

Dance as Prayer

Ahava and Blessings!

Ahava Mystical Dance was a creation born through my Dance Prayers for Mary Magdalene. When I first started channeling Mary Magdalene I knew in my heart that Dance, Chanting and Drumming was the essential practice that guided me to embody all of her teachings. The more I developed the practice, the more Mary Magdalene helped me channel and connect to different light beings who are a part of he Spiral of the Rosa Mística, which is the Wheel of Mary Magdalene that we follow in our Priestess Trainings.

In this Certified Teacher Training you will learn the core philosophy and Practice of Ahava Mystical Dance. The practice includes Sacred Dance, Chanting (mantras in Hebrew, Aramaic, Gurmukhi, Sanskrit and Medicines Songs from different traditions), Toning, Sacred Drumming, Sacred Writing and Ceremony. There are Mantric Choreographies, Celestial Communications, Movement Meditations, Sacred Dance Sequences based on Sacred Geometry, the Planets and the Tree of Life.

Dance is the Prayer that connects us with in inward and the outward ant to what is above and what is below.

This Certified Training is for those women who are looking to connect with a Spiritual Practice that includes the embodiment of the Sacred and for those Women who would like to learn this Prayer Dance so as to share in their Workshops and Circles.

There are 22 Modules in this Training. You can start whenever you want! We will be uploading all of the Course Curriculum by November 11.

The Course officially opens on November 15 and you can sign up now with a 22% discount. This discount is available until November 22, 2019.

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With love and gratitude, I hold you in my heart.

Ana Otero
CEO Mary Magdalene Mystery School®

Your Instructor


Ana Otero. CEO Mary Magdalene Mystery School® - Mary Magdalene Priestess Training - Sacred Feminine - Sacred Union - Movement Therapy - Yogic Scientist - Dancer - Writer - Lover of al Creative Expressions

Ana Otero is the Creator and Director of Mary Magdalene Mystery School®. Mary Magdalene Mystery School is a school dedicated to the Awakening of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine through the teachings of Mary Magdalene and her Sacred Lineage of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística. Mary Magdalene Mystery School Offers: Priestess of Mary Magdalene Trainings Level 1, 2 and 3. Sacred, Ritual and Therapeutic Dance. Sacred Drumming. Womb Therapies, Activations and Healings. Courses on Prosperity and Aquarian Leadership. Sacred Union for Men and Women. Mystical Arts (astrology, tarot, oracle, sacred essential oils, etc.). In all of the courses we follow and respect the teachings of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística, a method channeled by Ana Otero which helps us synchronize our energies and sacred experience here on Earth with the Cycles of Mother Nature, the Stars and the Planets. Ana Otero holds a Doctorate in Dance Movement Therapy and in all her trainings, Courses and Workshops there is powerful body work included. She has created a method to purify toxic programming, lineage wounds, karma, etc., through an advanced technology of Movement Meditations and Sacred Toning Channeled by Mary Magdalene. Join our Community and be a part of a great circle of Women and Men awakening in the Spiral of Love and the New Humanity. The Path of the Triple Golden Flame will awaken you to live from your Sacred Fire.


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